The ability to connect has never been more vital. Now, it’s imperative we look for new and creative ways to relate and engage with each other — and our customers. Technology can facilitate new ways to communicate from the tips of our fingers. From 5G connectivity to data-driven AI and rich messaging features, lightning-speed communication sits in our back pockets. This hyperconnected world creates exponential opportunities to communicate, but it also presents a new challenge: breaking through the noise of a crowded mobile landscape.

With mobile marketing, brands can reach customers in real time wherever they are. But this means that to capture attention, marketers need to work harder to stand out. Tactics that once worked, such as email, are no longer enough. In fact, our research found that almost half (40%) of respondents had 50 or more unread emails in their inbox. Meanwhile, only 4% said the same for mobile messages, proving their impact.

A paradigm shift in direct-to-consumer marketing is coming — and fast — to brands across the globe, disrupting our traditional ideas of marketing