How We Do It

Our strategy is to focus on our main area of expertise, “meeting your ROI”. We have plenty of knowledge in marketing and product introduction. What sets us apart is that nobody can match our ability when it comes to producing campaigns and sending it live into channels in the media world. We use our knowledge, connections and business strategies to ensure that your dollar is being spent to maximize your products efforts.

Our tactics are to make this real?

First, with the quality of our work
Secondly, with expertise-based marketing
Third, we rest on heavy use of the newest technologies in international communications (i.e. Internet technologies)

Media & SEM

Online Media and SEM management goes hand in hand, as you need to be seen in order to be searched for, on any popular search engine.

With our extensive networks of media and interactive industry contacts, Nine55 will work for you to establish the best possible placements at the best prices. Our strong relationships enable us to secure favorable terms for our clients.

Nine55’s full serviced team delivers our clients with top search engine rankings because if your business isn’t one of the first companies seen, you are missing an opportunity to establish what you do and how you do it. In order to market your product, you have to proceed with a search engine strategy and use the best tactics possible. We have mastered the art of increasing your website’s traffic and visibility through search engine optimization. Our SEM team is at the forefront in the industry, with use of new technology that allows us to work with you to achieve your end goals.

Graphic Design

Our creative team takes our clients’ visions and brings them to life. We can make it happen whether it’s a small banner ad or a full scale website design. We employ top designers, front and back end developers to make sure your website and advertisements meet the demands of the digital world. We aim to create something new and fresh for our audiences as a way to distinguish your company while maintaining an image that is consistent and recognizable. Your Website and Ads are the front line to your product/brand and need to stand out from the crowd.

Public Relations

Whether in the areas of Public/Media Relations and Corporate Communications, clients can expect the best execution for our PR team. We employ both creative out of the box thinking, as well as strategic, targeted approaches based on hard work, and smart communication.

With our vital network of media, business, marketing, and other industry contacts our clients know that our reach goes far beyond the conference room to get your message out into the public.

Mobile Solutions

Nine55 has the complete mobile marketing solutions for your company. We have the capabilities for creating, delivering, and managing interactive rich media campaigns on any application. We provide advertisers with the tools to help measure your audiences interest level along with helping you understand the cost effectiveness. We do this by using accurate metrics and ultimately identify which audiences were most influenced.

Social Media

Our social media strategies involve much more than just putting the accounts together and sending out a press releases. We combine the latest trends and tools combined with the network of communities that we have built up to relay your message. The members of these social media communities don’t care that you announce your presence. What they care about is if you give them valuable, quality content and we work with you to accomplish this goal.

Video Commercials

Our online video commercials combine business strategy, along with a creative message in high definition video production. Our applications transcend traditional ideas and beliefs about the web and provide online users with an experience that is both dynamic and effective. Nine55’s video production team is unique and has the innovative solutions to meet your online needs.

Viral Marketing

Nine55 Media’s Viral marketing is an ethical Internet marketing strategy by which we create campaigns to spread your business message. Our viral campaigns consists of passive as well as interactive components including video clips, music tracks, podcasts, images, interactive material and text messages.

With our knowledge we can market your business through viral channels and create viral content that is easy to understand, spread and share. We utilize the most popular existing social networks including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Stumbleupon and dig just to name a few.

Some Advantages of Viral Marketing;

Generate a steady flow of traffic
Can improve your rankings on search engines
Awareness of your brand or business
Increase of sales
An increase advertising revenues
Improve customer retention
Earn a positive reputation
Generate inbound links